Adair Legacy

Adair Legacy Lives On

In Arkansas Rice Research
By Howell Medders

The first rice breeder to work in Arkansas, Dr.Charles Roy Adair, and his wife, Ethel Owen Adair, left their entire estate of more than $1 million to scholarship funds at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and Hendrix College in Conway.


In the words of Dr. Lim

Dr. C. Roy Adair was dedicated to rice improvement, especially in the fields of genetics and breeding for resistance to disease. His contribution  is considered a crucial achievement in elevating  the Arkansas rice industry to the most productive program in the Nation. When Dr. Adair came to Arkansas in 1931, Arkansas rice production was valued at $4 million dollars and when he retired in 1973, the Arkansas rice industry had grown to a value of $389 million. This was team effort; however, Dr. Adair was a key player and strongly promoted team research and stressed them importance of close interdisciplinary cooperation, inter-agency collaboration, industry interaction, and extension efforts with growers. He stands out among his peers and left a permanent legacy and standard of excellence for those who follow.