The Department of Plant Pathology Travel Policies/Procedures


University Of Arkansas Travel Policies




Personal Vehicle Mileage Log


TA (Travel Authorization) Form- Fill out this form as soon as plans are set for trip. Research staff and students require signature from P.I., while faculty require department head signature PRIOR to travel. Useful information for this form:

Guest Travel

International Travel: Please use the following form when traveling internationally


Travel Claim Form - This form must be filled out immediately following your return. Excel format. Place mouse pointer over the red mark for description of information needed for a particular block. ALL information (with the exception of the TA number) is necessary to process the travel claim, including the account to be charged. Useful information for this form (and additional forms that may be required to accompany expense claim):

  • Required Receipts - a reminder that credit card receipts are not acceptable for lodging receipts since they do not provide the detailed information required for auditing purposes.
  • Lost Receipt Form - required for each lost receipt (except for taxi fares under $25.00)
  • Cardholder Delegation Form for TCard - this form must be filled out and turned in, along with the air fare and/or the registration receipt, when using TCard. Please visit the UA Travel site at for more information.
  • Lost/Unobtainable Travel Card Receipt Form - This interactive form must be filled out immediately through the explanation portion when a registration or air fare receipt has been lost or unobtainable. Please reference your name in the description of the purchase, print and place in the T-Card Transactions clipboard located on Debbie's desk.