Arkansas Alumni Association

Many of our graduates and post-doctoral associates have secured highly sought  after positions. Some of them (graduated after 2004) are listed below.


Agudelo, Paula, 2004 - Associate Professor at Clemson University, more information

Avanzato, Maria Valeria, 2011 - Assistant Professor at Coker College, more information

Cochran, Kimberly, 2009 - Assistant Professor at Texas, A&M, more information

Hassan, Mohamed, postdoc 2010-2014 - Associate Professor at Fayoum University, more information

Markell, Samuel, 2007 - Associate Professor at North Dakota State University, more information

Monfort, Walter, 2005 - Associate Professor at University of Georgia, more information

Navas, Juan De Dios Jaraba, 2010 - Department head of Agronomy Science Department at the Universidad de Córdobamore information

Shahid, Mohammad, postdoc 2013-2015 - Assistant Professor at Sultan Quaboos University, more information

Spurlock, Terry, 2010 - Assistant Professor at University of Arkansas, more information



Irish, Brian, 2004 - USDA ARS, more information

Navia-Gine, Wayra, 2007 - Smithsonian Institution



Eberle, Michelle, 2008 - Research Scientist at Monsanto

Ho, Thien, postdoc 2011-2015 - Research Scientist at Driscoll's 

Horevaj, Peter, 2009 - Research Scientist at Pioneer

Jackson, Eric, 2004 - Research Scientist at General Mills

Susaimuthu, James, 2006 - Research Scientist at Driscoll's

Taylor, Jeremey, 2006 - Research Scientist at Monsanto

Toksoz, Harun, 2008 - Research Scientist at DuPont