Jan. 23, 2018: Dr. Rose Gergerich
Master Naturalists: Volunteer educators, citizen scientists, and stewards of Arkansas' natural resources.
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Jan. 30, 2018: Dr. Chunda Feng
Development of genetic and genomic resources for spinach improvement.
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 Lanier Nalley
Feb. 13, 2018: Dr. L. Lanier Nalley
Economic and environmental impact of rice blast pathogen (Magnaporthe oryzae) alleviation in the U.S.
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 Bill Wintermantel
Feb. 27, 2018: Dr. Bill Wintermantel
Are insect vectors affected by the viruses they transmit? Characterizing how whitefly gene expression is altered by virus infection of host plants
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 Dr. Leandro Mozzoni
Mar. 6, 2018: Dr. Leandro Mozzoni
Plant Sciences in the Automation Era: Implications for the development of the next generation of pathologists and breeders
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 Dr. Braham Dhillon
Mar. 27, 2018: Justin Bailey
Spatial distribution and impact of southern rust in corn.
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 Tracy Hawk
Apr. 3, 2018: Tracy Hawk
Impact of seed-applied fluopyram to protect cotton and soybean roots against Meloidogyne Incognita
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Apr. 10, 2018: McKayla Patterson
Spatial distribution of foliar diseases in soybeans
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Jeremey Taylor
Apr. 24, 2018: Jeremey Taylor
The importance of investing in yourself now to build your brand and your career for the future
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Sep. 11, 2018: Catalina Rodriguez Puerto
Characterization of the interaction between the effector proteins HopD1 and HopG1 from the bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 with the Arabidopsis thaliana protein AtNHR2B
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 UC davis
Sep. 18, 2018: Dr. Juliana Osorio Marin & Dr. Mychele Da Silva (UC - Davis)
Breeding baby leaf spinach for California growers & Downy mildew challenges and a method for early detection in the field
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Oct. 2, 2018: Justin Bailey
Determining factors that influence the spatial distribution and impact of southern rust in corn.
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Oct. 9, 2018: Wagner Calegari Fagundes
Molecular basis of pathogenesis and host determination in C. sojina from phenotypic to genotypic patterns.
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Oct. 23, 2018: McKayla Patterson
Use of aerial imagery and novel experimental design to determine the distribution of foliar diseases on soybean and improve efficiency of product testing: a year two progress report
Oct. 30, 2018: Tracy Hawk
Evaluation of seed-applied fluopyram to protect cotton and soybean roots against meloidogyne incognita.
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Nov. 6, 2018: Kathryn Haydon
The pathology of spoilage: adaptations of plant pathogens to host senescence.
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Nov. 20, 2018: Laura Ortega
Parallel strategies to control bacterial panicle blight of rice
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Nov. 27, 2018: Mallory Martin
Development of mycoherbicides to control amaranthus palmeri in Arkansas
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