Dec. 6, 2016: Kathryn Haydon
Enhancing post-harvest rice quality, shelf life, functionality, and nutrient density in Arkansas rice cultivars with CRISPR gene editing.
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Nov. 8, 2016: Katsunori Saito
Plant defense activators - mechanisms of activity and novel high-throughput chemical screening methods
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 OSU StudentsOSU Students
Nov. 1, 2016: Gabriela Orquera-Tornakian & Fernanda Proano (Oklahoma State)
Infection of switchgrass leaves by Puccinia emaculata urediniospores and the expression of putative effectors
 Federal University of Vicosa Brazil
Oct. 25, 2016: Luis Oliveira (Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil)
The evolutionary history of Cercospora associated with leaf blight and purple seed stain on soybeans

 Cyber Security


Oct. 4, 2016: Blake Chapman & Eva Owens
Cyber Security
 Hazel Buyu
Sept. 27, 2016: Hazel Buyu
Ocratoxin A is in your Breakfast Cereal, Should you be Concerned
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 John Ridenour
Sept. 13, 2016: John Ridenour