May 1, 2012: Terea Stetina, Graduate Student
The Effects of Salinity on Pythium Seed and Root Rots
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April 17, 2012: Felix Rotich, Graduate Student
Rice Blast Disease:  Comparison of pathogen diversity in the US and Africa and evaluation of resistance in NERICA germplasm
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March 13, 2012: Samantha Roberson, Graduate Student
Evaluation of Medicago truncatula accessions for triterpene saponins and their potential impacts on plant pests

February 28, 2012: Alma Laney, Graduate Student
Virus Recombination: Threat to Agriculture or Red Herring?
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February 28, 2012: Terry Spurlock, Graduate Student
The Impact of Glyphosate on the Development of Plant Disease


February 21, 2012: Manoj Pun, Graduate Student
Effects of rain events on Fusarium Head Blight development and deoxynivalenol levels of winter wheat

February 7, 2012: John Ridenour, Graduate Student
LaeA and the velvet complex:  global regulators of secondary metabolism in filamentous fungi

January 24, 2012: Jonathon Smith, Graduate Student
Pamps or Effectors? The Changing Roles of Fungal Avr products

January 24, 2012: Lou Hirsch, Graduate Student
Feast and famine: Plant pathology in an era of climate change