Wei Yang

October 26, 2010: Wei Yang, Graduate Student
The genetic and molecular basis of resistance to Peronospora farinosa in spinach

  Lu Zhai

October 19, 2010: Lu Zhai, Graduate Student
TBA Managing Phytophthora capsici on vegetable crops using host resistance


October 12, 2010: Dr. Carla Garzon
Phylogentics and population biology of the Pythium irregulare species complex


  Kaci Hubbell

October 5, 2010: Kaci Hubbell, Graduate Student
Peach Latent Mosaic Viroid:  siRNAs Involved in Host-Pathogen Interactions

  Michelle Martin

September 28, 2010: Michelle Martin, Graduate Student
Gene expression and physiological analyses to study metabolic shifts in Medicago truncatula subjected to biotic stresses


September 21, 2010: Lirong Zeng, University of Arkansas Little Rock
Regulation of Tomato Immunity against Pseudomonas syringae by Ubiquitination
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September 14, 2010: Jeff Pummill, Manager for Cyberinfrastructure Enablement, UA and Amy Apon, Director of Arkansas High Performance Computing Center, UA Arkansas High Performance Computing Center
Introduction to Supercomputing at the University of Arkansas
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